Eupry WiFi Data Logger

For many industries, it is essential to keep temperature sensitive goods and materials within the recommended safe temperature ranges during storage. Remote monitoring systems and data loggers are an efficient solution that helps protect your inventory 24/7 by monitoring and documenting the temperature.


Using a WiFi data logger instead of a USB data logger or any other digital thermometer for cooling equipment is a straightforward and cost-effective solution.

What is a data logger?

A data logger, also known as a data recorder, is an electronic device that records temperature data in real-time. Almost all data loggers are based on microcontrollers. These devices are usually small, battery-powered, portable and are equipped with a microprocessor, which uses internal memory for data storage of temperature measurements.


Some data loggers are directly connected to a personal computer. By using specific software programs, it is possible to activate the data logger, view and analyze the collected data remotely. Other types of data loggers are designed as human interface devices that can be used as independent equipment.

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Benefits of using a data logger

One of the main benefits when using a data logger is the ability to automatically collect data 24/7. After the device is activated, it starts measuring the temperature right away. Afterwards, the data logger is normally left unattended to measure and record the temperature data throughout the monitoring period. This allows an overall and precise view of the environmental conditions being monitored. The process of viewing and analyzing the collected data differs according to the data logger used for temperature measurements.


A WiFi data logger permits accessing the data at any time and from anywhere through software or online platform that can be entered by using any type of devices, such as mobile phone, computer or tablet. A USB data logger has to be taken out manually from the cooling equipment and then connected to a computer in order to view and analyze the temperature data. This process interrupts the production and the operations since it requires the original USB data logger to be replaced with another data logger during the period it is taken out. Meanwhile, a wired data logger, which has high usage among Pharma and Pharmaceutical industries, requires a USB cable to connect to the PC. One cable is needed for each location when downloading and analyzing the temperature data.

USB Datalogger

USB data logger (fourtec Microlite)

Eupry Datalogger for temperature monitoring

Eupry WiFI Data Logger


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Eupry WiFi Data Logger

The Eupry WiFi Data Logger is a leading solution in the Pharma & Pharmaceutical industries, due to its high level of efficiency, time saving in operations and cost effectiveness in monitoring and support. The monitoring, alarming and reporting solutions for refrigerators and freezers that come when acquiring Eupry WiFi Data loggers, reduces the risk of losing temperature sensitive material and helps ensure regulatory compliance. 

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