Lascar EL-USB-1 Data Logger vs Eupry


We have put together this comparison to help you find the right solution whether you work in a laboratory, pharmacy, transport company or within the food sector. This article focuses on comparing Lascar’s most popular temperature logger: The EL-USB-1 datalogger with Eupry Premium. Lascar is based in the UK and is specialised in USB dataloggers for a number of uses, such as datalogging of temperature, humidity, air quality, voltage etc.

So, what are the differences between Lascar’s EL-USB-1 datalogger and a WiFi data logger from Eupry? There are some similarities, but as this article will show there are a number of key areas where there are major differences.



·       Eupry’s WiFi temperature data logger sends alarms via SMS and email when temperature limits are exceeded.

·       Monitor data easily from an app or web browser with Eupry.

·       Eupry provides free annual calibration by providing an instant device replacement.

·       Eupry’s subscription plans provide an ongoing and proactive support, saving countless hours per year.

·       Eupry’s wireless data logger automatically sends data to our servers which prevents loss of data.

·       With Eupry, a single click can change the settings on all your data loggers at once, saving countless hours.

·       If you have a small setup and it is not important that temperatures are sometimes exceeded, you should go for a USB data logger.



Find a Calibration Service vs Allow Eupry to Calibrate

Like any machinery, regular inspections are crucial to ensure temperature loggers accuracy and reliability. The majority of data loggers on the market do not include a calibration service, meaning customers have to use their supplier or a third party to ensure that their devices are calibrated each year. In cases where users forget or simply miss the annual calibration deadline, there is a risk of reduction in accuracy and reliability. For companies working within food or pharmaceutical industries this could potentially lead to non-compliances with GDP (Good Distribution Practices).


A standard calibration of a USB datalogger will typically cost 70-90€ per unit. The process can take up to 4-8 days during which customers have to arrange alternative solutions, e.g. by having spare data loggers in place. Eupry relies on a subscription-based concept where Eupry replace data loggers with new, calibrated loggers and take the previous loggers back to the calibration lab once a year. This annual service is included in the premium subscription fee.


Data is stored in an ISO9001/ISO27001 certified environment for up to 5 years, where you are able to quickly access documentation if needed.

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No Alarm Function vs Alarms via SMS and Email

The Lascar EL-USB-1 data logger does not come with any remote alarm functions. In some cases, USB data loggers are equipped with a tiny speaker and a lamp, which will indicate that the temperature is outside the allowed limits. That is still little help though if the data logger is placed in a refrigerator, a freezer, an incubator or a distant store room. With Eupry’s WiFi data logger, an alarm is sent via SMS and/or email ensuring that users are notified instantly when limits are exceeded. Users can react in real time instead of discovering too late that the goods have been ruined by a critical high or low temperature.

Install a Program on a Computer vs Access a Web App from anywhere

The Lascar EL-USB-1 data logger comes with a program that must be installed on a computer to be able to change configuration and access data. With Eupry, you open a browser and sign into an account when you want to monitor data. For some organisations, especially large ones, it is a time-consuming task to get new software approved. Opening an internet browser and a homepage is always fast and always a possibility, wherever you are and won’t require permission from the IT department.


With Eupry’s WiFi data logger an alarm is sent via SMS and/or email ensuring that users are notified instantly when limits are exceeded


Self-service and Manuals vs Support Staff

The Lascar EL-USB-1 data logger comes with a manual to assist with setting up the system, which is the limit of the support you can receive. With Eupry, we have a dedicated online support centre as well as fully trained staff available to call or email whenever you need help. If allowed by the user, Eupry’s staff can access your system and assist with setting up and configuring the data loggers.

USB Data Transfer vs WiFi Connection

The memory of the Lascar EL-USB-1 data logger needs to be emptied approximately every two weeks. Otherwise data will not be recorded and consequently lost. Eupry’s wireless data logger automatically sends all data to our servers, meaning you don’t need to worry about losing any data and you don’t have to spend time on emptying the memory every few weeks. If however, the WiFi datalogger has no connection for a certain amount of time the datalogger has internal memory for up to 30 days. When connection is established again data is synced.


Manual Setup vs Automatic Settings

If you are using several dataloggers from Lascar, you need to set aside plenty of time to perform custom configurations every time data needs to be exported – especially during deployment. With Eupry however, a single click can change the settings on all data loggers at once. This is possible because the settings are changed directly from Eupry’s homepage.


Bottom Line

Both Lascar’s EL-USB-1 data logger and Eupry’s WiFi data loggers are very good at their main tasks. The main differences between them are in the service. Eupry guarantees free annual replacement of loggers and ongoing support which are all included in the subscription price. With Lascar’s EL-USB-1 data logger you need to pay an annual fee for calibration. Additionally, Eupry is unique in the way that compliance and temperature monitoring is combined. This combination is intended especially for large and small laboratories, pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers and retail companies.



We aim to be as objective as we can in this article to give a fair comparison between Lascar EL-USB-1 Data Logger and Eupry Premium.

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