Eupry for Pharma

Use Eupry for Pharma, for R&D, in production according to GMP and logistics according to GDP

Effective monitoring, calibration and qualification


With DANAK accredited calibration, documentation for OQ and IQ and the market’s most innovative system for monitoring temperatures and humidity

A few questions for the quality manager?

Jakob Konradsen, MSc from the Technical University of Denmark

Jakob Konradsen Eupry


Head of Quality and Production at Eupry, Jakob Konradsen advises customers on compliance in connection with monitoring of temperature-sensitive assets as well as making qualification and mapping exercises. Jakob has a background as a civil engineer from the Technical University of Denmark in instrumentation and Space Electronics. In collaboration with Eupry’s R&D team, he has developed “The Intelligent Calibration System” supported by the Innovation Fund. He also teaches and lectures in the development of sensor electronics.

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Eupry Data logger for monitoring and recording temperature multi device system

Perfect peace of mind

Alarms via SMS and email

If permitted temperatures are exceeded, an alarm is sent out via SMS and email

Installation with qualification IQ, OQ, PQ

Eupry’s document package for qualification is used during installations

World class support

We provide excellent support. As a customer with us, we make sure that your system always operates smoothly and we are ready to help if needed.

Accredited calibration

The data loggers are always calibrated and you can find calibration certificates directly in the system

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Eupry’s system makes it easy to comply with the CFR Part 11 regulation.

Meet the demands of the FDA and the EU in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry

Digitally sign changes to the system

Eksporter audit log

Observe complex regulations

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance logo
wifi data loggers

For GMP Production

Eupry has demonstrated that it is possible to save 70% of the workload to ensure proper storage in laboratories. On a daily basis, quality personnel in laboratories must measure and control temperatures, generate reports and provide an overview to QA. In the event of deviations this typically requires a review, multiple calls and plenty of paperwork.

With Eupry, all this work is simplified and thus you can save more than 70% of the time normally spent. In addition to the time savings, Eupry has proven that an efficient automatic calibration process is the key to delivering significant savings.

IQ, OQ, PQ documentation

Use Eupry’s IQ, OQ, PQ documentation during installation

Qualify Eupry’s solutions based on our documents for IQ, OQ, PQ

The document package can be used on its own if the company wishes to do the installation itself.

Let Eupry’s qualified personnel stand for the installation. During installation, our document package is used to make IQ, OQ, PQ.

Eupry temperature monitoring report

Secure data

Data security is extremely important to us.

We take data storage very seriously. Your data is stored in accordance with ISO 27001 and Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex 11 Framework.

5 years of encrypted data storage and backup.

Data is encrypted with AES.

ISO 27001 & Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex Framework compliant.

Validated IT

Eupry’s software is innovative and validated

IT validation is important for Eupry. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Innovative software must live up to the highest quality

Get in touch and review our IT validation

Eupry datalogger system displayed on multiple devices
Alarm thread - prevention of temperature deviation

Deviation management

Check temperature deviations and ensure quality

Eupry’s online system is designed to make deviation management simple. Get informed via SMS and email in case of problems. Deviations are easily handled using the right tools that ensure correct documentation.

Tailored comment system designed to document and account for deviations.

Generate reports in PDF format with a single click.

View and analyze data live.

Mapping refrigeration equipment with Euprys Mapping Kit

Save time by using Eupry’s easy-to-use Mapping Kit with accredited DANAK ISO17025 calibration and 21CFR PART11 compliance.

Cooling equipment mapping is an important process in examining whether refrigeration equipment is working properly.

Practical mobile box with the number of data loggers (temperature sensors) needed.

A wireless base station and extra batteries

All data loggers are START calibrated, and an END calibration is performed


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