Premium Temperature
& Humidity Monitoring


The Service You Receive:

Hardware Guarantee

Devices are replaced at no cost to you. No questions asked.

3-Point Temperature Calibration & Factory Humidity Calibration

Calibrated yearly. Calibration equipment is traceable to EU standards.

Free Yearly Battery Replacement

Fresh batteries are automatically replaced every 12 months.

Simple Installation

Wireless monitoring saves heavy additional costs for cabling.

Secure Data

Our methods adhere to ISO 27001 & Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex 11 Framework.

Intelligent Analytics & Alarm Platform

Monitor alarms, compliant reporting, temperature logs and raw data.

5 Years Encrypted Data Storage & Backup

Our cloud-based system will automatically store and backup your data.

Unlimited Users & Locations

Assign multiple users and track corrective action.

SMS & Email Alerts

Alerts via SMS and email to protect your assets around the clock.

How it Works:

Product Description


Eupry’s Premium Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Service incorporates a WiFi Data Logger as well as access to our online intelligent analytics and alarm platform, the Eupry Logger. It also includes 3-Point calibration of your Eupry Data Loggers, factory humidity calibration and new batteries every 12 months. The data logger itself can be placed directly inside refrigerators, freezers, climate chambers, incubators and anywhere else temperature and humidity monitoring is required. By connecting to WiFi, all temperature and humidity data can be viewed and analysed on our web platform remotely.

Recommended Applications


  • Climate Chambers

  • Storage Rooms

Temperature CalibrationTraceable 3-Point Calibration
Temperature Calibration Points+2°C, +25°C, +50°C
Temperature Calibrated Range+2°C to +50°C
Temperature Operating Range-10°C to +50°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C
Temperature Resolution0.01°C
Temperature Drift/Year±0.01°C
Humidity CalibrationFactory Calibrated
Humidity Accuracy±3% RH (max), 0-80% RH
Humidity Resolution0.025% RH
Typical Humidity Drift/Year±0.25% RH
Power2 x AA (Lithium batteries recommended)
Battery LifetimeUp to 2 years (usage dependent)
Measurement Frequency3 Minutes
Memory10,000 Measurements

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