USB data Logger vs. Eupry’s Wifi data logger


We have put together this comparison to help you find the right solution for labs, pharmacies, and food companies. We will compare products generically known as USB data loggers, temperature loggers, humidity data loggers and other similar terms. These products can be EBRO EBI Datalogger, ELPRO, Fourtec Microlite, Omega, or Testo.


What is the difference between a USB data logger and Eupry’s Wifi temperature data logger? In this article, we will give you an objective evaluation of the main differences.

Find your own calibration lab or let Eupry calibrate

Remember to factor in the price of calibration when purchasing a USB data logger.

When the time comes to calibrate your USB data loggers, you’ll need to have several spare data loggers. With Eupry, we send a new traceable calibrated data logger every year. This means not needing to have spare data loggers in reserve.

No alarm function or alarm via SMS and e-mail

In some cases, the USB data loggers are equipped with a tiny speaker and a lamp, which will indicate that the temperature is outside the allowed limits, but that’s little help if the data logger is placed in a refrigerator, an incubator, or a distant store room. With Eupry’s WiFi data logger, an alarm is sent via SMS or e-mail, ensuring notification of the user the moment limits are exceeded.

Install a program on a computer or access a an app from everywhere

USB data loggers always come with a program that must be installed on a computer, this way data can be accessed. With Eupry, you open a browser and sign in to an account to monitor data. For large organizations, it can be a lot of work, in certain cases to approve IT programs for computers, while opening an internet browser and a homepage is always possible and fast.


Self-service and manuals or real support staff

USB data loggers sometimes come with a manual to assist with setting up the system. With Eupry, you can just call or write support and ask for help. If invited, Eupry’s staff can look at the client’s system and assist with setup and configuration.


USB data transfer or Wi-Fi connection

With USB data loggers, the memory needs to be emptied at least every two weeks to ensure data is not lost. Eupry’s wireless data logger automatically sends the information to a homepage. With Eupry’s wireless data logger you avoid loss of data, and the user avoids discovering many days too late that the temperature exceeded the limits on several occasions.

Manual setup or automatic settings

If you are using many USB data loggers, you need to set aside a lot of time for entering custom configurations every time data needs to be exported, and especially during deployment. With Eupry, however, a single click can change the settings on all thermometers at once. This is because the settings are changed directly from Eupry’s homepage.