Using Eupry in the Food Industry

Food Industry

Ensuring high levels of food safety is key for a company in the food industry. However, it is associated with steep costs for the individual company to monitor whether temperatures and humidity in refrigerators, cabinets and storage rooms comply with applicable regulations (EU legislation / DANAK).

Eupry makes monitoring easy and secure with a system that automatically records temperatures using wireless data loggers and ensures data storage on an innovative web platform. Furthermore, Eupry offers free annual calibration of data loggers. The system is easy and intuitive to use, and it only requires WiFi.

With Eupry’s data logger, food companies can save time and money since manual registrations are no longer necessary. It is also possible to be proactive as the system sends out SMS and email alarms if the temperature exceeds limit values, allowing employees to act quickly and correct errors. This ensures that food worth thousands of Euros is not lost if refrigerators or freezers are defective.

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Eupry’s Customers

Within the food industry, Eupry’s customers include dairies, such as Naturmælk, Øllingegaard, Millefood, who produce infant formulas as well as the Food Bank, which distributes surplus food to the homeless. They are very different companies, but common to all of them is that they are subject to strict rules and requirements when it comes to temperature monitoring.

Case: The organic dairy Naturmælk in Sønderjylland has production facilities of 4000 m2. In less than three hours, Eupry installed WiFi in the entire area. Subsequently, data loggers could be connected and the system was ready for use.

“We have been very pleased with the cooperation with Eupry. We had expected that the installation of the system would take a couple of days. Eupry did it in 3 hours, which was a pleasant surprise.”

– Frank Kristensen, Distribution Manager at Naturmælk

Case: The organic dairy Øllingegaard in North Zealand, which focusses on quality products, is also among Eupry’s customers. In January 2017, Naturmælk and Øllingegaard merged to achieve economies of scale. However, they are still located in North Zealand and Sønderjylland respectively. They still enjoy Eupry’s service which ensures that they easily comply with all storage and documentation requirements.

Case: Mille Food produces infant formulas based on cow’s milk. China is a major market for Mille Food since the Chinese have a high demand for infant formulas for children of different ages. At the same time, China has very strict rules on imports of food, and it has thus been a huge feat for Mille Food to be approved for import. Eupry helps Mille Food to continuously meet the high standards set by the Chinese government.

Case: The Food Bank is an NGO reliant on volunteers, which distributes surplus food from supermarkets to socially disadvantaged people. Here it is also very important that the temperature is controlled so that food is not spoiled.

Who are Eupry?

We are based in Copenhagen and using the Internet of Things (IoT), we change the way organisations approach compliance, quality, and efficiency. What makes our business concept unique is that it more or less completely eliminates the need for daily or weekly involvement from any professional staff. At least 95% of all logging and maintenance routines are handled by our solution.

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