Temperature compliance as a service

Monitoring temperature is much more than measuring a temperature.
Eupry is a complete compliance solution for temperature & humidity monitoring

Eupry saves time and money with innovative monitoring

Our solutions automate daily routines documenting temperatures and humidity. Quality personel are easily spending 15 minutes every day logging temperatures, weekly to store data and follow up on deviations and yearly to maintain calibrations.


With Euprys innovative solution there is  a solution to all this


  • Monitor temperatures and humidity
  • Get alarms via SMS and email when limits are exceeded
  • A calibration contract will ensure automatic yearly ISO17025 calibrations
  • Used in Pharma industry and at laboratories in production and healthcare (21 CFR PART 11 GLP, GMP & GDP)

Companies worldwide using Eupry

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Eupry Data logger for monitoring and recording temperature multi device system

Monitoring temperatures

Follow the temperature live on your desktop, smartphone or tablet

Temperature monitoring system alarming and reporting

Automatic documentation

Save time and money by automating manual procedures, reports can be generated with a single click.

WiFi as you know it

Set up on your own WiFi network or use Eupry’s secure standard

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Validation compliance Danak and IAF logos

ISO17025 Calibration

Internationally accredited calibration laboratory

Eupry’s quality equipment is calibrated in our state of the art calibration laboratory using systematic and validated procedures. Optional DANAK accredited calibrations are available for our temperature data loggers. DANAK is a member of the European Accreditation (EA) which means calibration results such as reports generated through our system and calibration certificates are internationally recognised and accepted. Our laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. We can guarantee highly accurate calibrations, as well as an exceptional level of expertise. This is ensured by regular inspections performed by the approved accreditation body, DANAK.

Eupry on tape

How Eupry works

“I sleep better at night”

Wireless data logging makes every day simple


Manual documentation of temperatures is redundant 

Smart alarm system

The intelligent alarm system sends an SMS and an email when the temperature reaches a pre determined level. However no alarms will be triggered when the refrigerator doors are opened as per regular use.


The data logger is automatically calibrated and calibration is always included in the price. We calibrate using traceable references.

Auto monitoring

Our alarm centre constantly monitors the temperature, even when it is not connected to the network, allowing you the time to focus on your work.

Service model

Our prices are highly competitive and are based on a subscription model. One price covers everything.

Deviation management

The system helps you identify procedures such as cleaning and maintenance.

GDP Compliant

The most straightforward way to meet Good Distribution Practices.

Our customers


Installed throughout the entire Danish National Veterinary Institute (DTU VET) for temperature monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, deep freezers, climate and growth chambers. With more than 280 sensors in operation, the risk of losing priceless samples and research material is minimised using Eupry’s solution.

Laboratory with temperature monitoring

Easy overview, quality assurance and documentation was made possible online for huge number of users. Time saving alone on manual documentation was estimated to be around 1000 hours yearly.


Eupry is used in more than 20% of Danish pharmacies to monitor room and refrigerator temperatures. Eupry’s service agreement makes it easy and less time consuming for pharmacies to live up to European GDP regulation. Pharmaceutical wholesalers can be granted access to monitoring data at pharmacies. A feature proven to be massively beneficial for both pharmacies and wholesalers.

Optimal temperature storage of medicines in a pharmacy

Eupry offers a complete service solution. The service agreement from Eupry includes the necessary calibrations and validation of data loggers without any down time. Data loggers are simply being replaced.


Eupry is installed in several biochemical laboratories in Danish Hospitals. Monitoring storage conditions, ensuring compliance with quality requirements and preventing loss of priceless samples and research material. Quick implementation onsite, no need for installation of software because all operations are handled online.

Optimal temperature storage of biological materials

Eupry’s WiFi data loggers can be connected directly to the hospitals existing internal WiFi infrastructure without any need for cabling. Eupry handles the yearly calibration by sending out freshly calibrated data loggers for replacement.