Eupry Denmark

Dortheavej 59, 3rd Floor

2400 Copenhagen

Tel: +45 53 51 77 00

About Eupry

Eupry optimize how organizations sense, monitor, and document. Using the Internet of Things (IoT), Eupry changes the way organizations approach compliance, quality, and efficiency.

Without investment needed for equipment Eupry offers to ensure continuously storage compliance according to the European Commision Good Distribution Practises (GDP).

Eupry automates monitoring of storage facilities in Hospitals, Laboratories, Pharmacies and many other types of storages containing sensitive assets. Today, Eupry has earned the trust of a significant amount of customers among others market leader at Pharmacies in Denmark, hospitals, the Danish National Veterianarian Institute and a significant amount of laboratories and pharmacutical distributors.

Eupry’s Business concept

The uniqueness behind Eupry’s business concept is that it more or less completely eliminates the need for daily or weekly involvement from any professional staff. At least 95% of all logging and maintenance routines are handled by Eupry. According to the level of the service agreement Eupry will manage and schedule replacement of Eupry data loggers with new calibrated loggers without any down time at all.

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