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Temperature monitoring
as a service.

Eupry offers a complete temperature monitoring package
that includes everything you need to guarantee the safety
of your assets. Our all-in-one solution has been specifically
designed to make what is usually a complex task, incredibly

The essentials of wireless temperature monitoring

Automated temperature monitoring process steps



Eupry’s Temperature Monitoring Service includes WiFi Dataloggers as well as access to our online intelligent analytics and alarm platform, the Eupry Logger. It also can include yearly 3-Point traceable calibration or ISO17025 Accredited calibration of your Dataloggers. The dataloggers themselves can be placed directly inside refrigerators, freezers, climate chambers, incubators and anywhere else temperature monitoring is required. For extreme environments, we provide a temperature probe. By connecting to WiFi, all temperature data can be viewed and analysed on our web platform remotely.

Datalogger TypeStandardHumidityExtreme
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Temperature CalibrationTraceable 3-Point CalibrationTraceable 3-Point CalibrationTraceable 3-Point Calibration
Calibration Points-20°C, 0°C, +50°C+2°C, +25°C, +50°C-80°C, -45°C, -10°C (L)
0°C, 37°C, 75°C (M)
50°C, 100°C, 150°C (H)
Operating Range-50°C to +50°C-10°C to +50°C-90°C to +150°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.5°C±0.5°C±1.0°C
Temperature Resolution0.01°C0.01°C0.08°C
Temperature Drift/Year±0.01°C±0.01°C±0.01°C
Humidity Operating Range-0-80% RH-
Measurement Frequency3 Minutes3 Minutes3 Minutes
Memory10,000 Measurements10,000 Measurements10,000 Measurements
Power2 x AA (Lithium batteries recommended)2 x AA (Lithium batteries recommended)2 x AA (Lithium batteries recommended)
Battery Lifetime2 Years (usage dependent)2 Years (usage dependent)2 Years (usage dependent)

Receive SMS & email alarms

Be immediately informed if there’s a problem – giving you the time to handle the deviation before it’s too late.

Alarms are easily configurable to values of your choice. You can choose whether or not to receive alarms via SMS or email or both. Relax knowing that your sensitive assets are protected around the clock.

Receive alarms wherever you are in the world.

Choose which members of staff are informed if an alarm has occurred.

Never miss a beat. All alarms can be documented in our beautiful reports.

Temperature monitoring system alarming and reporting

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Yearly Calibration

Option of ISO17025 accredited calibration, traceable 3-point calibration or no calibration.

As part of Eupry’s service, brand new calibrated dataloggers are sent to you yearly, you simply swap out your old dataloggers and send them back to us.

Eupry’s fully automated calibration service leaves no downtime.

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration is available.

Calibration is included as part of Eupry’s service. No additional costs whatsoever.

Acredited calibration by ISO172025 and Ilac-MRA

User friendly platform

Designed to be used by anyone

Ease of use and security are fundamental to Eupry’s online documentation system, the Eupry Logger. Temperature data logging is illustrated in graphs and data can be exported in the approved pdf format. Find documentation for recent calibrations and manage data logs in multiple locations.

SMS and email alerts

Data stored in ISO9001 / ISO27001 certified environment

Print reports, handle deviations, view live temperature logs and raw data

Deviation management

Take control of temperature divergences and ensure quality

Eupry’s online system is designed to make management of temperature deviations simple. Keep informed of any deviations via SMS & email, whilst also having the right tools at hand to make sure deviations are documented and taken care of correctly.

Bespoke thread messaging system. Designed to document and account for deviations.

Create reports with a single click in PDF format.

View and analyse live data.

Alarm thread - prevention of temperature deviation

Discover how affordable our solution is

Temperature monitoring doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming!

Eupry offers continuous yearly calibration. Freshly calibrated devices
are sent straight to you for replacement, reducing downtime to a
minimum. Eupry's laboratory is accredtited to ISO17025 by DANAK,
the Danish Accreditation Body.

Traceable calibration.

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Starting temperature monitoring and recording datalogger

Hardware guarantee

As a Eupry customer, your hardware is always guaranteed.

In the rare event of any hardware issues or malfunctions, we will be happy to replace your dataloggers completely free of charge. We appreciate the importance of having complete, reliable data. With Eupry we make sure of it.

Devices are replaced in case of malfunction. No questions asked.

Our support centre is constantly updated to help you solve any problems

Support staff are available whenever you need to talk to someone. Contact support by calling +45 53 51 77 00.

Eupry Dattalogger multi-user login and multifunction system

Setup multiple users, locations and profiles

Users have customisable access to the data that is relevant to them

Our web application is separated into three levels, users, locations and profiles. An unlimited number of users can be added. Permissions can be customised to ensure that users only see the data they need.

Users – Users have access to their respective locations

Locations – A physical location, for example a pharmacy

Profiles – A place where a device is stored, for example a fridge or storage room

Secure Data

Security of your data is of the upmost importance to us.

We take data storage very seriously. That’s why out data storage methods adhere to ISO 27001 and Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex 11 Framework.

5 Years encrypted data storage and backup.

Data is encrypted with AES.

ISO 27001 & Eudralex Vol. 4 Annex Framework compliant.

Optional Features


Add these features to your package.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Eupry’s system makes living up to CFR Part 11 regulation simple.

Our system can be enabled to allow you to live up to regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration.

Digitally sign changes in the system

Export an audit log

Live up to complex regulations in the easiest way possible

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance logo

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