Instrument calibration in laboratory


Eupry's laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025
by DANAK, the Danish Accreditation Body.

Why Calibrate?

Calibration of equipment is vitally important whenever measurements are involved, it enables you and your businesses to have confidence in the results that the equipment records.
Routine calibration helps reduce risk and boosts the quality that your company can deliver. By choosing Eupry, you can decide to have your WiFi Data Loggers calibrated every three years or yearly. New, calibrated devices are sent to you, so all you need to do is replace your old data loggers, with the new ones. This process is the fastest in the industry.

Process Comparison

 Traditional External Calibration ProcessEupry's Calibration Process
1. Order recalibration for your device1. Receive a calibrated datalogger
2. Acquire a Return Authorisation Code2. Swap the dataloggers
3. Take unit out of its environment3. Ship old data loggers back to Eupry
4. Install a backup monitoring system
5. Box and ship unit 
6. Company recalibrates unit and ships back 
7. Disassemble backup system 
8. Move product back into its environment 
9. Reinstall unit/system 
Total affected period: 7-10 days
Total affected period: 0 days
Other requirements: Backup system or manual processesOther requirements: None

DANAK Accredited Laboratory

Eupry’s quality equipment is calibrated in our state of the art calibration laboratory using systematic and validated procedures. Optional DANAK accredited calibrations are available for our temperature data loggers. DANAK is a member of the European Accreditation (EA) which means calibration results such as reports generated through our system and calibration certificates are internationally recognised and accepted.

Our laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. We can guarantee highly accurate calibrations, as well as an exceptional level of expertise. This is ensured by regular inspections performed by the approved accreditation body, DANAK. You can view our accreditation in English and Danish.

Validation compliance Danak and IAF logos

European Accreditation (EA)

Traceable Certification

Every calibration that Eupry performs is traceable. Calibration certificates are accessible directly from our system, ready to print or share whenever you need to. The certificates contain an extensive report of the measured results, measuring uncertainty and acceptance criteria.