ISO 17025 Calibration

Save 30% costs with a calibration service agreement from Eupry. 

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Eupry has DANAK ISO 17025 accredited calibration

Our Customers

Euprys customers include companies like Freja, Novozymes, and Arla
Euprys customers include companies like HB Medical, Calrsberg, and Matas

Eupry  will inform you when you need to have a new calibration delivered. The system behind is called “The Intelligent Calibration System”. The solution can probably save you around 70% of your time spent on calibration, monitoring and mapping

A couple of the advantages at Eupry:

  • Reduce costs with 30%
  • Reduce time spent with 70%
  • Reduce interruptions in the every day
  • Achieve better compliance by using Eupry

Calibration using our fully automated laboratory

At Eupry, temperatures and humidity are calibrated. The laboratory is accredited by DANAK in ISO17025:2005.

Why Calibrate?

Calibration of equipment is vitally important whenever measurements are involved, it enables you and your businesses to have confidence in the results that the equipment records.

Routine calibration helps reduce risk and boosts the quality that your company delivers. By choosing Eupry, you can decide to have your WiFi Data Loggers calibrated every three years or yearly. New calibrated devices are sent to you, so all you need to do is replace your old data loggers, with the new ones. This process is the fastest in the industry.

Euprys customers include companies like HB Medical, Calrsberg, and Matas
Euprys customers include companies like Freja, Novozymes, and Arla

Get a calibration agreement

With a calibration agreement with Eupry, you get assurance that the calibration is done in a timely manner and of the quality you need. Eupry has developed a unique customer management system that informs the laboratory when exactly you must have delivered a new calibrated data logger. The system behind us is called “The intelligent calibration system”, which among other things consists of a fully automatic calibration robot. The system is innovative and of an incredibly high standard.

DANAK accredited calibration documentation for Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, and Performance Qualification

ISO17025 Calibration

Internationally accredited calibration laboratory

Eupry’s quality equipment is calibrated in our state of the art calibration laboratory using systematic and validated procedures. Optional DANAK accredited calibrations are available for our temperature data loggers. DANAK is a member of the European Accreditation (EA) which means calibration results such as reports generated through our system and calibration certificates are internationally recognised and accepted. Our laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. We can guarantee highly accurate calibrations, as well as an exceptional level of expertise. This is ensured by regular inspections performed by the approved accreditation body, DANAK.

Where is calibration used?


Laboratories with Eupry’s solution installed throughout the DTU Veterinary Institute (DTU VET) with more than 280 data loggers for temperature monitoring of refrigerators, freezers, freezers and incubators, the risk of loss of invaluable samples and research material is minimized.

Laborites using Eupry data logging system through calibration service to monitor temperatures and collecting secure and constant data

Easy overview, quality assurance and documentation is made possible for a large number of users. The time savings are estimated to be around 1000 hours a year, used exclusively for manual documentation


More than 25% of Danish pharmacies use Eupry to monitor temperatures in storage rooms and refrigerators. Eupry’s service agreement makes it easier and less time-consuming for pharmacies to live up to European GDP regulations.

Pharmacies using Eupry data loggers by calibration to monitor temperature

Eupry offers a complete service solution. Eupry’s Service Agreement includes necessary calibration and validation of data loggers without waiting time. Data loggers are simply replaced.


Eupry is installed in several biochemical laboratories in Danish hospitals. The system monitors storage conditions, ensures compliance with quality requirements and prevents loss of priceless samples and research material. Fast on-site deployment, no need for software installation as all features are handled online.

Eupry helping pharmacies and laboriteries to monitor temperature of medicines and DNAs

Euprys Wifi data loggers can be connected directly to the hospital’s existing, internal WiFi infrastructure without the need for cabling. Eupry handles the annual calibration by sending out new calibrated data loggers for replacement.

Fewer errors in calibration by automatic calibration

Eupry has developed a unique automatic calibration system because it offers fewer deviations for the customer. We guarantee that calibrations are done with the best possible quality and that our customers have a good and flexible experience. Eupry has developed a unique customer management system that informs the laboratory when exactly you must have delivered a new calibrated data logger.

DANAK calibration of data loggers to ensure high quality

Calibration is about ensuring that measurements are performed correctly so that they can be trusted. By a well-executed calibration, it is ensured that one’s data loggers measure the same values as any other data logger. Calibration may be required by authorities or customers, and is a key part of maintaining a high quality, whether you work with medicine, medical samples, food or anything else. In this guide, we have gathered the most important concepts and knowledge about calibration of measuring units, so you know what to pay attention to.

A few questions for the quality manager?

Jakob Konradsen, M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering

Jakob Konradsen Eupry


Head of Quality and Production at Eupry, M.Sc. in Electronics engineering advises customers in compliance in connection with monitoring of temperature-sensitive assets as well as making qualification and mapping exercises. Has a background in instrumentation and Space Electronics. In collaboration with Eupry’s R&D team, Jakob, has developed “The Intelligent Calibration System” supported by the Danish Innovation Fund. Teaches and lecturing in the development of sensor electronics

How long does a calibration take? We can handle a calibration in two minutes!

The secret of a two-minute calibration is that Eupry has automated all workflows associated with a calibration – even yours!

If you choose a calibration agreement with Eupry and use our wireless data logger, you will receive new and calibrated data loggers every year. The replacement takes two minutes and the old data loggers are sent back to Eupry. In Eupry’s portal, Eupry Logger, you will find all certificates on the calibration. The process is approved by DANAK and extremely innovative.


How does a calibration take place?

The calibration is performed by comparing a value, eg, temperatures read by a data logger with a reference. By reading out the difference between what the data logger measures and what the reference measures, you can calculate whether the data logger measures correctly, and how close the data logger measures.


Eupry has full traceability and meets international standards

Traceability is the most important concept in calibration. Traceability of one’s equipment means that measurements from one’s data logger can be traced back to the same international standard. One can thus be sure that the data logger shows the same result as any other traceable data logger. One uses the international standard, SI, as proof that everyone works from the same units, eg temperature.


What is Eupry’s measurement uncertainty?

During calibration, the measured temperature of the data logger calibrated against a reference is compared, but the comparison made will always be associated with some uncertainty. The uncertainty describes how precisely the two measured temperatures are compared, and therefore gives a picture of how close to “the true value” a calibration can be expected. The calibration uncertainty should always be stated in the calibration certificate.


Acceptable deviations in measurements

On many calibration certificates, a so-called acceptance level is stated. This indicates whether any deviations from the true value are within a defined limit and whether one can rely on the uncertainty promised by the supplier.

What should I be aware of when choosing calibration?


There are a number of things to be aware of when choosing calibration. The most important ones are listed below:


Traceability in calibration

To be able to rely on the measurements of one’s equipment, equipment must always be traceable.


Uncertainty in calibration

The uncertainty of the calibration must be chosen to suit the needs of the authorities or internal processes. As a rule, 0.5 ° C will be abundant when monitoring refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers, and heaters.


Accredited calibration or not accredited calibration

Whether the calibration of your equipment must be accredited or not depends on the requirements of the authorities or customers on the quality and traceability of the measurements made by your monitoring equipment.


An accredited calibration is always guaranteed to be of high quality, and all accredited companies have strict procedural requirements and are also continuously monitored to ensure a high uniform quality of calibrations. Therefore, you can always rely on accredited calibrations to follow the same international standard for calibration.